Reset a Design Language that didn’t scale beyond print, packaging, and advertising, while creating a cohesive platform experience for connected products, and implement this language in six weeks to span all verticals of the business. Water, Air, Security, and Energy.
We began by examining the Honeywell brand and app, what it stood for and then worked that into the Resideo vision of one app to monitor command and control a smart home, one app that wold adapt to the needs to the family as well as the individual users.
We then organized our work into the applications basic flow and structure, from here we digitized the flow and began building the interface.
Building the interface took a many rounds of rapid iteration backed by best-practices research insights and accessibility requirements to build an app that met the needs of the current product suite while allowing for expansion of that site as Resideo established it's own brand in the smart home space. All of this rapid iteration had to be ready for the release of V1 of Resideo Home at the Resideo Live event on December 3rd 2019. At Resideo Live we were able to give or customers a first-look into the application we're building. We held three sessions where we gathered insights from or customers that we were later able to use to evolve the platform. (View the full main-stage presentation here )
In the end we created a design system that scaled both Consumer and Professional users, by designing consistent accessible components. I personally served as the architect for much of the user flow for Resideo Home, as well as the primary designer for several if the key interaction patterns and general accessibility advocate. Resideo Home is available in the app store in it's MVP form and should be re-releasing soon to match our final designs.​​​​​​​
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