Great ideas come from everywhere. But the best ideas come from the things you love. For us that’s carbonation, fresh fruit, and meeting new people. Combine these three things and you get the first create your own soda bar.
Created in 2016 we’re just getting started, and as we go our friends are at the heart of everything we do. We want Pop to be the place for people to hang out and enjoy life, just like the soda counters of old. The only difference, instead of sugary syrup drinks and candy we serve beverages of just fresh fruit and H2CO3. 
We believe in being healthy and that a great step to doing so is drinking less artificial beverages and more water, but let’s face it water can be boring. By adding crisp carbonation and delicious fresh fruits we’re encouraging everyone to drink more water, get more of their daily fruits, and live happier healthier lives. 
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