How do you go from on the plane, to on the road, and back all without ever needing to speak to a Hertz agent?
Hertz Go is the first step in a three-tiered project to bring that vision to live, the rental process as simple as possible optimized for speed and convenience. The concept came about from an Amazon-style PR-FAQ session with our Digital Innovations Lab, if we had no constraints what would the ideal rental scenario look like.
Our next exercise was to determine the steps we should start taking to push towards the future we envisioned:
1)  Digital Choice: The ability to select your exact vehicle before you reach the lot
2) DC Phase 2 (Telematics): The ability to interact with your car from your phone with a telematics device installed in the vehicle.
3) Hertz Anywhere: A subscription service that allows you to get in a car any time anywhere, adding and subtracting other services as needed.
4) World domination.
Phase 1
Next I worked out the flow with the Innovation Dev team, and then drew it up for my boss. We spent a week working out the kinks and thinking about how to scale Digital Choice at each stage, from an independent companion app to the primary method for hertz rentals. Once we started working digitally it took 27 (documented) visions of the prototype to come to our final design for V1 of the app. At all points the development team and I worked side by side to iterate and problem solve to create the best possible product for initial development and release.
Phase 2 (Current Work)
Phase two is our WIP it's all about controlling the vehicle and really digging into our taxonomy to ensure that the features added scale flawlessly into our main application.
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