Within the Resideo Home application are distinct sub-apps that give monitoring, command and control over different aspects of the users smart home. The "Energy System" as it's called is where a user can connect their thermostat to local energy programs (Known as Demand Response or DR) as well as Resideo's own energy saving program (known as Energy Efficiency or EE).
Both concepts rely on something we call the Home Profile. This profile allows Resideo's various Machine learning algorithms to make more intelligent decisions. the Home Profile is made up of a main Location Profile as well as sub-profiles for each system in the home. 
The home profile includes things like: Number of residents, any pets, size and type of home, and address.
For Energy Efficiency this combines with the thermostat data, and schedules or geo-location to create customized energy savings for the home. For DR we leverage the thermostat data to help fill put any additional requirements the energy provider ma have. The goal is to take both programs from having complex forms down to an amazon-style one click signup.​​​​​​​
The outcome is a sophisticated system that leverages user data to create complex profiles that help Resideo up-sell while also improving the function of the customers home, ultimately creating trust and loyalty while saving money the customer can use to further invest in their smart home.

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