I am a multi-disciplinary designer with a passion for puzzles and problem-solving. I love all things digital and being at the cutting edge of technology  and I'm lover of smart home gadgets, but not voice assistants. I also love the good-old-fashioned ways, a good notebook (hand bound by myself), a classic pocketbook/planner, and a handmade pen from my father. I believe that life, and design is about balance, for everything we do new, it's worth keeping something classic, this balance creates experiences that are not only new and innovative but also beautiful and effortless to use.

I love adventures and traveling, especially in new places, some of my favorite places on earth (so far) include the Grand Canyon, Breckenridge Colorado, Asheville North Carolina, Barcelona Spain, Florence Italy, and Paris France where the love of my life proposed!
My work experiences so far include working for large corporations like Hertz, and Honeywell Home (Resideo) as well as startups like Related Faces and mid level organizations like SailPoint. My Ideal next adventure is somewhere where we can push the boundary of the possible, where passion and thinking big are always encouraged, and care and fun are at the center of a culture of humans.
Looking forward to meeting remote or in-person
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